Services we offer

  • practiqueObligation free Site visit by a senior designer to discuss your requirements
  • Residential Design and Documentation
  • Management of approval process
  • Cost estimates
  • Sustainable Building Advice
  • Co-ordination of other consultants
  • Council submission and Liaison
  • Project management
  • Pre-purchase advice
  • Complying Development Advice

Additional Services that we offer.

The services we offer include Design and Documentation for all Residential Design. We will either do the work ourselves or introduce you to the relevant consultants.

A.D Practique's first service to you is an obligation free visit where we introduce ourselves, discuss your proposal, your budget and give you the benefit of our extensive experience.

If you are proposing a first floor addition we will offer comment on budget, the overshadowing and privacy issues, positioning of the stairs and the structural suitability of your property.

If your proposal involves a ground floor alteration then the discussion will revolve around the new living area and the constraints that may exist. Within a few days we will send you a detailed quote that takes your job through to the DA determination.

The first part of the quote deals with the Design Process. For us and the client this is the time when your design is created. We prepare three or more floor plan options that detail the direction of the design. Many clients already have an idea of their floor plan layout; we will prepare this plan and a number of others, with options that we may consider are better or more practical. If the owners wish to combine some of the options then we will redraw to suit their requirements. The design process proceeds until the client is satisfied with their choices.  

In the initial stage we will also prepare a number of elevation choices generally these will show a number of different roof designs. Once the design has been chosen and the details finalized we move onto the second part of the process. This is when the submission is prepared for council. Depending on the council either some or all of the information listed in what you will require, will need to be included on the drawings or as part of the DA package.

On completion of the package we contact you, give you copies of the finished work, complete an application form and submit the application to council in your name. If council has further requests for additional information, they will forward the letter to the client and you fax it through to us and we deal with it. This way the client is always kept in the loop and is aware of all developments that may arise with their application.

Once the DA has been determined our contract with the client is complete. If the client wishes us to stay involved to complete the Construction Certificate or assist with the tendering process then we are more than happy to assist. A new contract will be drawn to cover whatever up service is required.

Additional Services that we offer.
  1. Project Management

    We will project manage your job from start to finish. We can
    • Assist with the preparation of a tender package
    • Assist with the choice of builder
    • Inspect all of the builders work before invoices are paid
    • Assist the owner in choice of materials and finishes
    • Provide the owner with a detailed kitchen design
    • Assist the owner in preparation of drawing for the smart wiring of the house
    • Assist in the choice of good suppliers and consultants

  2. Design and Build

    We Design and Build Granny Flats, Garages and Studios or combinations of all three. We are only interested in building our own designs.

  3. Documentation for the Construction Certificate
    We will happily complete any additional documentation required to begin building.

  4. Links
    We will provide links to quality suppliers and consultants

  5. Recommendation of Builders
    We have a preferred builders list and we are happy to recommend to clients. We expect the builders to maintain a high standard of workmanship.